Printing Your Own Photo Book

One sad thing about digital photography is that not many people bother to get their photos printed. Most of the images get lost in digital storage and rarely see the light of day. If you look at the past, things were different. With analog photography, the only way to see the images you took was to have them printed. The satisfaction of having a physical copy of your image was, and still is, something special. That’s something we’ve been missing out on these days. In this video, photographer Nigel Danson talks about the importance of having a physical copy of your photographs, and why you should make your own photo book:

“There’s something really special about having your photo printed, and when it’s in a book, it just makes it even more special.”

The idea of printing a photobook can scare off many photographers. It’s understandable considering the scale and the cost involved. However, as Danson covers in the video, you can try your hand at printing a photo book for yourself through online service providers. Start off by looking for online printers who can help you get one-off prints. They have good offers running time and again, and if you’re so inclined, you could make the best use of them. To make your selection process easier, Dan also shares his thoughts on some popular printers he’s worked with.

Further, Dan also touches on the various printing technologies that you can use to help you make a cost-effective decision without compromising quality. And as you’ll see, he also shares what you can do to prepare the images for print. Your selection of paper also has a huge impact on how your images will appear when printed. Various paper types (matte/glossy), their thickness, and the textures on them affect the color and depth in your images.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a photo book printed, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this video. If the idea hasn’t crossed your mind yet, you might want to give it a thought.

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