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Many people have asked me how to easily print multiple photos on one page using adobe photoshop, there are in fact many ways of doing this but this is a simple and easy technique that can be used to create a completely customizable layout.

This tutorial is to help you learn how to use adobe photoshop for printing multiples pictures on one page. This method can be used to save paper by making multiple copies of single or separate pictures. This technique can also be used to make basic collages. Ok, once you have your pictures open in photoshop:

1. Create the Document to be printed: create a new document that is a little under 8.5 inches by 11 inches (print size) and has a resolution of about 200 (File>New).


2. Then for all the pictures you want to add to the print document: crop them to a reasonable size relative to the print size such as 6 inch by 4 inch or 4 inch by 3 inch.  Crop Tool (C)  (Also make sure that their crop resolution is also 200)

3. Then either use the Move Tool (V) or copy and paste each individual picture onto the document you created in step one.


4. Once you have cropped and copied all the individual pictures over to the print document from step one, you can arrange them in any way you want by selecting the appropriate layers and moving them around with the Move Tool (V).

For collages, you will have to arrange the layers in a way so the right layers are on top so the correct images will appear on top of the others.  Then you can create any kind of arrangement you like.

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4 responses to “Print Multiple Photos on One Page in Photoshop”

  1. tom says:

    Or you could use an even easier way and use, file >automate > contact sheet or picture package

  2. paRMINDER says:

    thnx working for me

  3. Ernest says:

    in CS5 worked also. thanks

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