Print Advertising In Photography

Creative photography in print advertising is an art all on its own. Just look at the following shoot photographer Frank Herholdt was behind for the trusted British bicycle saddle company, Brooks. Herholdt used the same wooded location, Burnham Beeches, where the popular Harry Potter movies were filmed. Have a look at the behind the scenes video to see how he captured the print-worthy commercial photograph:

Herholdt sourced some local fox hounds and with a little bit of work, a tame fox to use on the set.

commercial photography

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2 responses to “Print Advertising In Photography”

  1. Lovely, so interesting to watch the making of one good (excellent) photographic composition, well done and many thanks for publishing this, very inspirational.

  2. WOW… how wonderful to watch all the many things that went into the fox and hound photo shoot. Extremely interesting !! Thanks for sharing.

    Good camera cleaning information. I personally would never clean my own camera – I leave that to the pros. I take my sweet baby Nikon into the local camera shop once a year for a good cleaning.

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