Photoshop Artistry Course

This critically acclaimed course is designed to take your photography to a whole new level. Go from merely editing photos to creating amazing photo-art compositions fit for print & canvas. Awaken your creative genius and learn the secrets the pros use to create stunning works of art. The offer we received on this course has now expired, sorry about that, stay tuned to see what’s next!

photoshop artistry

Photoshop Artistry: Fine-Art Grunge Composition

Includes exclusive 24/7 lifetime access to a private training site with four core modules featuring nearly SEVENTY training videos, each culminating with exciting project ideas to inspire you to create art of your own.

You will also receive a wide range of valuable creative resources in each module to help you compose incredible works of photo art of your own right during the course — which you will then post to your very own pro-caliber online portfolio I’ll be training you on how to assemble.

In other words: You are going to get all the training and the tools to come out of this course with an incredible portfolio of creative images that will immediately make you look like a professional.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to assemble (and properly organize) an incredible library of stunning images that will form the backbone of your compositions.
  • Amass a rich library of your own grunge backgrounds and harvest a wide variety of textures.
  • Learn three great techniques for getting awesome results from even the cheapest computer scanners.
  • Learn how the pros customize their Photoshop workspace for the most efficient access to their tools and palettes.
  • Master the Brush Tool (and EVERYTHING Comes Back To The Brush Tool)
  • Add the power of Blend Modes and Adjustment Layers to your work and instantly ramp up the quality of all your images.
  • Layer Masks, Layer Masks, and More Layer Masks!
  • Learn to “Paint With Light” (using Layer Masks, Curves Layers, and Lighting Effects).
  • Instantly add seven degrees of cool to your compositions using .eps vector graphics.
  • Learn how to blast through the most essential image-correction techniques to prep images for your compositions.
  • Deepen the conceptual meaning behind a work through clever uses of Typography.
  • Enhance your images with a wide range of innovative Edge Effects.
  • Take your digital images and commit them to canvas, fine-art prints, or mixed-media compositions.
photoshop artistry image

Sample Grunge Composition from the Course

  • Execute stunning image extractions to achieve otherwise impossible (or at least startlingly difficult) photographs.
  • OWN the Filter Gallery and use it to create diverse and unexpected results — simply by applying the right formulas.
  • Master a wide range of artistic “painterly” techniques.
  • Learn exactly how to craft an incredible highly professional online portfolio.

Other Bonus Resources Included:

  • The Huge Texture Library – a tremendous array (over 5 gigabytes) of the finest textures, overlays, and backgrounds — created exclusively for this course by some of the top professional designers in the field.
  • The Custom Brush (& Edge Effect) Library
  • The High-Resolution (Fully-Rendered) Vector Graphic Library

Important Note: This course works with ANY version of Photoshop. Even with Elements!

The Two Most Common Challenges For Aspiring Photo-Artists:

  1. You are stuck on thinking of Photoshop as a tool to “fix” or “correct” or somehow “enhance” an individual image, and
  2. You just haven’t been trained on how to achieve the large-scale effects the pros are using in their compositions.
grunge composition

Each lesson is accompanied by PDF downloadable cheat sheets

“If you’re anything like I was when I was starting out, you probably love taking photos, probably even have hundreds (maybe thousands?) of them piled up on the hard drive of your computer. You probably also love doing something cool with your images using Photoshop (or maybe Lightroom or Elements). And I’m sure you can probably edit an individual photo and make it look great.

But when it comes to taking your edited photos and doing something with them, creating something stronger, more beautiful and intricate, and more important with them (something worth committing to print or canvas, and actually hanging on a wall) — that’s where I’m betting you run into real limitations.”

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