Photography Terminology A-Z

Any photographer can tell you that photography is an equipment intensive hobby. The more equipment one uses the more settings, techniques, and processes you have to learn to go along with the gear. Fortunately for Kai, the abundance of things to learn makes his job a little easier. He had no problems coming up with a piece of equipment or terminology to go along with his latest video in which he goes through the entire English alphabet by naming a photography related object for each letter:

Part 2:

As per usual, Kai showed up to the set with his charming sense of humor and wasn’t afraid to get a little silly for the video. His wit keeps the eight minute video flowing right along.

dslr tutorial

“The ‘B’ setting means you can get super wicked awesome light trails or motion blurs. Put it on a tripod and you can make the sea look like a creamy cream soda froth scum in your shot.”

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2 responses to “Photography Terminology A-Z”

  1. Rafael Mallare says:

    I love DigitalRev

  2. Jordan says:

    This guy is just craze

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