Photography Success: What Does it Take to Make it as a Photographer?

The Internet is saturated with how-to photography tutorials. So often, emphasis is placed on technical details. Rarely do we hear more about the abstract, philosophical concepts that are the driving force behind the most successful photographers.

Lee Morris & Patrick Hall had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Gulf Photo Plus 2013 in Dubai to film interviews with some of the instructors. The pair asked each photographer what it takes to make it in photography. Hear the powerful answers they received in this inspirational video featuring esteemed photographers Zack Arias, John Keatley, Joe McNally, Peter Hurley, Scott Hargis, David Burnett, Greg Heisler, and David Hobby:

Though all of the photographers interviewed are specialists in different areas and took a variety of paths to reach their levels of success, commonalities abound throughout the interviews. Main themes that all of the instructors touched on include drive, risk-taking, networking, and, above all, hard work (Via Fstoppers).

Success in photography, and in most any field, depends on the photographer’s willingness to get out there and learn, practice, and experiment even when things get rough.


“It’s like a storm. You just have to keep weathering it, and eventually you’ll get a break in the clouds.” — Joe McNally

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One response to “Photography Success: What Does it Take to Make it as a Photographer?”

  1. Thank you so much for this video! I loved it! I love taking candid natural light portraits and shooting sports…..I agree with the theory that you should do it for the love of doing it and worry about the money later…… thanks again!

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