Snap Cards for Photographers at 86% Off

This product has been so hugely popular that we wanted negotiate a discount for PictureCorrect readers to start the summer. What are these “Photographer SNAP! Cards”? They are a training boot camp and reference companion in your camera bag… A common problem photographers run into is questions/issues arising while on an actual photo shoot out in the field. And there is a card to cover virtually every type of photographer situation imaginable. We were able to negotiate an 86% discount for our readers today which ends soon. Deal found here: The Photography Snap Cards at 86% Off

photography snap cards

New! Snap Cards for Photographers (Click to See How They Work)

They polled ‘thousands’ of photographers and asked them:

“What’s your biggest deterrent when trying to learn new photographic techniques and concepts.”

The answer that we heard over and over again, (by a huge margin), was this:

“When I’m out shooting photographs the training materials are sitting at home…I don’t have an easy method to reference back to what I studied, so that I can apply it to the photographs that I’m currently creating!”

Here’s the difficulty.

You invest in good quality photographic training. Maybe it’s a video, eBook, or even a workshop. You study these excellent tools while you’re in the comforts of your home.

But, what happens when you leave to go out on a photo shoot? What happens when you’re out in the middle of the woods, and you can’t quite recall that one concept that seemed so valuable when you read it last Saturday night?

landscape snap card

Just one of the many landscape guidance snap cards (click to see more)

Some Positives of Trying the Snap Cards:

  • Completely portable training, so you can study when and where (anywhere) that you have time.
  • Easy to understand graphics. Bright, colorful, and easily understood.
  • Huge range of themes and lessons – organized, and color coded, for easy retrieval.
  • A professional photographer and educator scrutinized all of the topics and the training concepts for maximum effectiveness.
  • The concepts are explained with beautiful examples.
  • Each card can be studied in electronic form, and even more importantly, they can be easily printed and taken with you on your photo shoots!
  • They can be printed in a smaller A5 size to fit into your camera bag with ease. Or, if you prefer, you can also print them at the larger A4 size with no loss of readability.
  • They are easy to laminate for increased durability. You could actually pour water onto them after lamination!
  • Lost one of your cards? No problem! Just print out another one
  • Covers a wide range of topics from beginner to intermediate levels of photography.
  • Move from key lesson- to key lesson- quickly and easily.
  • Pick and choose your lessons at will.
  • It’s like having a photographic mentor at your side (while you’re out shooting).
  • Not 1 – not 10 – not even 20 – but 44 fantastic and pertinent “SNAP! Card” lessons that will kick your photographic training into high gear- why? Because you will have them with you when you need them the most- when you’re actually out shooting pictures!
  • They cover all the intricate aspects of photography (those aspects that are so difficult to grasp).
  • And the lessons go on and on…
snap cards for photographers

More of the snap cards featured all over (Click to Learn More)

An Example Situation Where the Cards Can Be Useful:

  • Yes. You’re holding the camera correctly for a steady (sharp) picture.
  • You’re following all of the tips listed on the “Getting Sharp Pictures” SNAP! Card. Your photo will be critically sharp.
  • You notice something in the scene that could improve your shot. Why? Because you just referred to Your “Landscape Creative Concepts” card as well as your “Landscape Checklist” card. You adjust your camera position for a better composition.
  • The Sun is setting. You know that the proper exposure is going to be tricky.
  • You refer to Your “Photographing Sunsets” and the “Exposure Triangle” SNAP! Cards. They help you to make the best exposure choices.
  • Finally, you take a test shot. You pull out the “Histogram” SNAP! Card and triple check your results against the histogram shown on the camera.
  • All looks good! And, you learned a lot- right there and on the spot- while you created the photograph.
  • Just one of the thousands of different scenarios the cards can be helpful…

How to Get the Snap Cards for a Discount Today (With Bonuses):

We were able to negotiate a 86% discount (normally $220, today just $29). They also come with an unbeatable 365-day, double-your-money-back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying them. Plus, you’ll get two bonus video tutorials to get you started – all of which ends soon. P.S. also try the coupon code picturecorrect at checkout for an even larger markdown.

Deal found here: The Photography Snap Cards at 86% Off

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