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Promoting your photography work online is a tricky business, but also essential for success these days. Most photographers choose to setup a website as their primary business driver and there are many strategies and directions that can be taken in that pursuit. And now there are also seemingly infinite social media possibilities that can be used to drive new business as well if you know how to use them. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in these things.

For readers looking for help in these areas we have arranged a deal with a publisher who specializes in educating photographers on web marketing topics. They agreed to give PictureCorrect readers a 55% discount on a bundle of their 3 primary eBooks until the end of the week. Normally $87, simply use the discount code PICTURECORRECT at checkout to receive them for $39 this week. If you are interested, use the discount code here: Photography Web Marketing Guide

photography web marketing

The ultimate photography web marketing package (Use the discount code picturecorrect)

More details on these 3 books:

  1. Photography Web Marketing Guide – teaches photographers how to optimize multiple aspects of an online business: websites, splash pages, search engines, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and emails.
  2. Photography Blog Success – dives deep on blogging and WordPress optimization to help you write effectively, utilize search engines, and turn readers into clients. If you struggle to blog or want a professional’s advice on how to setup your blog properly for marketing, this guide is for you.
  3. 55 Smart Web Ideas for Photographers – offers quick growth marketing strategies with one key idea and takeaway per page, uncover ten Facebook ideas, thirteen blog tips, eleven Google strategies, nine pieces of email marketing advice, and thirteen additional suggestions to capture traffic and sales.

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