Photography Laws for Developing Yourself

Imagine what would happen if there was no system of law and governance. In the absence of a body to govern the people, almost everybody and everything would go haywire. Laws keep everyone within a defined track by differentiating the rights from the wrongs. If you want to seriously grow as a professional photographer, it’s essential that you have some sort of value system of your own. It will guide you and help you to develop into a better photographer professionally and personally. Photographer William Hall talks about his 5 personal laws of photography that he picked up over the years:

Hall talks about the laws that he has set up to develop himself. The laws don’t only cover topics related to gear, but also refer to psychological and conceptual topics.

The world of photography is quite distracting these days. There are thousands of photographers who tell you to follow certain composition rules, use certain gear, and apply certain presets. Who do you listen to? The answer is simple: no-one. Develop your own personal vision, and shoot to capture your ideas. And realize that you don’t need all of that fancy gear they’re promoting. Choose one that works best for you and stick to it. It’s better to learn to master what you already have than wishing for all the unnecessary gear out there.

“The less options you are presented with, the more creativity is going to arise.”

Also, make an effort to  be around creative people. Follow the works of proven geniuses. Go through photography books. Creative ideas can be transferred through various channels that ultimately leads to better results.

“Our outer world inspires our inner world.”

Have you ever tried setting up such guiding principles for yourself? If not, it’s still not too late.

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