Photography Charity: Flashes of Hope

Coping with cancer is a difficult journey for patients and their loved ones. The battle can be painful, exhausting, and disheartening. Organizations such as Flashes of Hope, a non-profit group that takes professional portraits of children diagnosed with cancer at no-cost to the families, look to bring a smile to their faces, if not reignite hope into their lives. The charity, which currently covers 72 hospitals nationwide, is made possible by gracious volunteers–many of whom are award-wining photographers. The children are given the full on Hollywood treatment including a make-up session and are then photographed using professional equipment. The goal of the charity is to photograph every child diagnosed with cancer. Have a look at the inspiring video below to learn more:

“It’s such a simple thing that were doing. We’re just coming in and photographing a family together, but in that moment we are taking them out of everything that is going on.”

childrens portraiture

flashes of hope

cancer patient photography

family portraiture

Photographers and volunteers from all areas are encouraged to reach out and contact Flashes of Hope to help, not just the organization, but also touch the lives of children who need it the most. More information can be found at the groups website.

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  1. I was very touched by the video presentation. Praying that someday, a medicine against cancer will be discovered.

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