Photography Challenge at the Airport in 10 Minutes

Miami-Dade Airport may not immediately come to mind as a photographer’s paradise. Because it’s filled with crowds of people in transit, taking a picture at this hub is often the last thing on any visitor’s mind.

But as this short proves that when an experienced photographer and the right model pair up, it’s possible to make mountains out of molehills:

A busy travel schedule doesn’t intimidate photographer Jordan Matter. Instead, he steps up to a photography challenge and tries to see his surroundings through an artistic lens. With ballerina Em Marie at his side, the two trek through terminals looking for something beautiful.

The result? Ten whimsical portraits produced in just ten minutes!

As you can see from the final products, the two worked with whatever resources they had available to them. That includes the neon lights and props to be found at one of the many sales kiosks scattered throughout the airport.

Dancer jumps at electronic store

As it turns out, people were quite accommodating to Matter and Marie, clearing the scene and cooperating with the hurried photographer.

Dancer buys a ticket

Even the police patrolling Miami-Dade were willing to lend a hand for the sake of the challenge!

Dancer and Security Guard

Of course, one can argue that it’s easy to make an engaging photograph with something as out of place as a tutu-clad dancer in an airport. However, the expertise of the photographer truly comes out when it comes to how masterfully he directs his model in the span of just a few minutes.

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2 responses to “Photography Challenge at the Airport in 10 Minutes”

  1. Al says:

    great work with Sofie in Miami Int’l airport. It appeared you were not using flash so I was wondering what your camera settings were to capture her so nicely.

  2. Al says:

    What were the camera settings for your airport 10 min challenge?

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