Photographing Toddlers

Photographing babies can be a real challenge. Be it the posing, retaining their attention, or the occasional crying and running around, it can get difficult. But, however challenging the task may be, the images captured in this genre carry an immense emotional value. Today we have The Try Guys have their try in baby photography with professional baby photographer Kayleigh Ashworth. Let’s see how it all works out:

The greatest challenge that you can expect when working with a toddler is directing them. You’d want to have them seated or posed in a certain way, but since they are small children, it’s really difficult to make them do so. They have a very short attention span, and they simply do whatever they want to do.

“You can never make a toddler do what they don’t want to do.”

A basic way to get a toddlers to do what you want is by letting them get comfortable with you. They can feel if you’re awkward around them. So, start by getting hands-on with them. And when they actually do what you want them to do, reward them with what they like. It could be in the form of a song, their favorite toy, or just making some silly faces.

“You’ve got to get right in there and you have to really engage with them.”

There’s also the chance that they will cry, or make a mess. Be ready to handle that as well.

And just like being a parent, you need to have patience when photographing babies. There are greater chances that things will not work out as planned but that’s how things usually are with babies. Try your best to keep them entertained and happy, and chances are that you’ll get the shot.

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