Photographing Intimacy Perspectives

As photographers, we take joy in photographing others. It could be landscapes, portraits, weddings or other events—we love to look for the moment and freeze it in the form of a photograph. But when it comes to our personal lives, how comfortable or willing are we to work the same way? Are we courageous enough to capture true intimacy? Answers will vary. In today’s interesting video, photographer Sean Tucker talks with Tiffany Roubert about the photography she’s done with her wife, Carla. She discusses what it’s like bringing the camera into your relationship to capture intimate moments, where to draw the line and how the experience of sharing your relationship with the world changes you.

“When a photographer turns their lens to willing subjects in intimate settings, it makes for really compelling imagery.”

In this fascinating interview, Roubert reveals what it’s like to let a camera into a relationship. She also talks about how they set boundaries and how they feel sharing certain images of intimate moments with the world.

It is interesting to know that Roubert was initially shy about approaching her wife to take photos. She eventually overcame this, but was still nervous about sharing her work. Gradually, she was able to overcome these challenges—and, as you can see in the video, her images are phenomenal. It is also worth noting that the moments she takes photos are quite random. The lighting and the mood both need to be just right—and once they are, there’s nothing stopping Roubert from taking the photo.

If the thought of capturing intimate moments with your partner has ever crossed your mind, we highly encourage that you watch this video. This will definitely inspire you.

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