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Photograph what you love. This advice has been repeated by famous photographers everywhere. And for some, photographing a passion turns into a successful and rewarding career. Sven Martin, who is passionate about cycling, turned his love of mountain biking into his job. Get a behind-the-scenes look from his perspective at Crankworx 2013:

Crankworx is an annual mountain bike festival in Whistler, British Columbia. The celebration started in 2004 and has grown to include concerts, parties, and a multitude of freeride competitions for the most daring of mountain bikers. Non-stop action, tough terrain, and throngs of spectators create a difficult scenario for the event’s photographers. Martin has been shooting the festival since its inception. He’s put in the time and money needed to break into this niche. Yet he’s kind enough to pass on some of his knowledge to camera-toting newcomers.


As much as he enjoys his job, Martin acknowledges its taxing nature. In addition to months of travel, photographing high-speed action such as mountain biking calls for tireless work, quick thinking, and dependable gear. Taking a break or choosing the wrong lens means he could miss the perfect frame. He must always be watching and anticipating the bikers’ next moves.



Sven Martin never imagined his fondness for the travel and camaraderie of mountain biking would define his career. But his devotion to photographing what he loves has helped him pave his own path.

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