Photographing a Coke and Mentos Rocket

Photography can sometimes turn out to be overwhelming. At some point, you may start feeling burdened and slowly lose interest. To keep the passion alive, it’s thus a good idea to get crazy sometimes; do something fun with no formalities attached. Photographer and vlogger Hayden Pedersen shares an interesting way to keep the photography experience alive by photographing rockets made of coke and mentos:

While trying this exact idea at home is not a totally safe idea, here’s the gist of it. Sometimes it’s okay to not be so serious. Adding an element of fun can help you rejuvenate your creativity and make your relationship with photography a long lasting one.

Another fun idea that you could try is to photograph your pet when they’re playing around in the park. Or simply photograph your friends and families during a day out at the beach. It could be anything as long as there’s fun involved. What other fun ideas can you think of?

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