Photographer Shares His Passive Income Sources

Generating passive income has never been easier, and this is especially true for photographers. Passive income is a fantastic idea, because it only requires upfront effort—after that, it will steadily keep giving you returns over a long period of time. In today’s informative video, we have photographer Eric Floberg who shares some elaborate details on his various passive income sources. If you too are looking for sources of passive income as a photographer, do not miss this video:

Believe it or not, as a photographer, you have lots of ways to generate passive income. Floberg does an amazing job of pointing out how you can exactly do that. Not every one is related to content creation, however; some are just investments in stock or real estate.

“There is no such thing as truly passive income.”

As for passive income sources related to photography, Flober shares his experiences with providing print services, working with associates on a profit-sharing basis and having someone to assist you to give you more time to expand your income. If you are a content creator on a platform like YouTube, you can also benefit from the advertisement revenues there. Then there’s affiliate marketing, which will pay you a small commission for driving traffic to websites like Amazon. But, remember, although these are passive income sources, you still need to put in some level of effort to kickstart them.

After watching this video, we hope you find inspiration and set up your passive income source. Also, be sure to watch the video till the end. He shares some more passive and semi-passive income plans for the next five to 10 years. Maybe you too can try some of those.

Are you making passive income? If so, what’s your secret?

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