Photographer Risks His Life to Save a Young Eagle

From animals being left in cars to people trying to take the “perfect selfie” with their pet, every day we seem to hear more and more about animals being put at risk because of careless people. Thankfully, this isn’t one of those tales. The video below captures Polish photographer Krzysztof Chomicz and his journey to save a young eagle caught in the mud of the coast of Swinoujscie:

Filmed by drone, this rescue op was completed on July 26, 2016, by Chomicz, with help from the local fire department. However, despite the personal safety risks, the nature photographer was determined to trek through the muddy sludge to save the young white-tailed eagle. After multiple failed attempts to save the young bird by other means, Chomicz tied a rope around his waist for safety and started off.

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Despite some pecking to his arm and leg, Chomicz and the eagle both made it back to safety.

The biggest downfall to an animal rescue is the inability to explain what’s going on to the animal you’re there to help. While Chomicz did manage to get the eagle and himself back to safety, during the ordeal, the distraught eagle lashed out, attacking both his arm and leg. Once the rescue was complete, the wildlife conservation workers took over. The bird was cleaned up, given a name (Icarus), and kept overnight for observation. Icarus was released the following day to a Szczecin refuge. Thanks to the hard work and determination of his rescuers, Icarus not only survived but has made a complete recovery.

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