Photographer Makes Action Figures of Himself to Send With His Portfolio

Marketing is among the most dreaded of words for professional photographers. But it’s also one of the most vital parts of running a successful business. In a world saturated by talented artists, photographers must go to great lengths to get noticed and attract potential clients.

Copenhagen photographer Jens Lennartsson knew he faced tough competition. That’s why he decide to do something epic to make his portfolio stand out from the rest. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at his clever self-promotion tactics:

Lennartsson ordered 400 hand-painted, camera-toting action figures of himself, which he calls GI JENS. Getting the action figures to match his likeness was no easy task. After a photo shoot to capture his look from four different angles, he chose from more than 20 manufacturers and endured a meticulous prototyping process before giving one company the go-ahead to create his band of figurines.


Packaging was next on Lennartsson’s to-do list. Hours of man power went into making sure each action figure‘s box and wrapping reflected the photographer’s brand, which emphasizes natural lifestyle and travel photography.



Most importantly, each action figure came with a paper portfolio designed to fold like a map. Lennartsson chose a high-quality local printer to showcase a handful of photographs that highlighted his artistic style.

Once the boxes were carefully hand-packed with the action figure and portfolio, they were sent out to Lennartsson’s dream clients: hundreds of strategically selected agencies, editors, and publications that he wanted to impress.

Lennartsson put considerable effort into every detail of his mailing. The verdict is still out on the success of his creative campaign, but it seems likely that the recipients took notice of his action figure portfolio. What drastic measures have you taken to get the attention of your ideal clients?

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One response to “Photographer Makes Action Figures of Himself to Send With His Portfolio”

  1. What a genius! Jens Lennartsson portfolio, from conception to execution exhibits many talents to me, not just photography. If I was a company looking for such I would sign him up in a heart beat. I am sure he will do well and not that he needs it, I wish him much success with his self-promotion campaign.

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