Photographer has Close Encounter with Lion

There are some photographers out there who don’t mind taking risks to get an amazing shot. But even they may not realize just how much at risk they are until the moment for potential danger arises. Take for example, nature photographer Graham Springer who recently came in very close contact with his subject, a 300 pound lioness:

Luckily, Springer kept his cool and stood still while the lioness sniffed around before walking away. A sudden movement could have very well startled the animal, and his story might have been changed from an amusing clip to a life-threatening attack. Springer lets out a laugh when the lioness is out of range, but it’s a laughter more out of relief than of amusement.

scared look

Photographer Graham Springer grips the steering wheel while watching the lioness walk by

“As wildlife photographers and cameramen, we take calculated risks, but we try to read behavior and read the situation. We never want to put ourselves in a situation where there’s a conflict between ourselves and a wild animal which could endanger our lives or the life of that animal.


Lioness becomes a bit curious

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One response to “Photographer has Close Encounter with Lion”

  1. Cedric says:

    Breathtaking.. but I prefer being a glamour photographer, in a safe studio LOL

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