Photographer for TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year: The Protester

In this nine minute documentary, the making of TIME magazines “The Protester” is chronicled.  The Protester, which was included in TIME’s Person of The Year issue, is a series of photographers taken by TIME staff photographer, Peter Hapak, which showcases protesters involved with the Occupy movement across seven countries.  You can see the film here:

Hapak briefly touches on techniques he used to capture the portraits, including a humorous account of bribing one particular subject with breakfast sausages. The behind the scenes look is narrated by the photographer himself and shows viewers clips of the photo shoots conducted throughout the course of the project.

time the protester

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2 responses to “Photographer for TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year: The Protester”

  1. Scott says:

    Isnt it incredible that the “person of the year” is someone who thinks the working person owes the the non working person a living and what the worker has the non worker should also have even though they dont work. Socialism at it finest. You don’t work you don’t eat. Pretty sorry pick for the person of the year.

  2. Jeremie says:

    @Scott These protesters ARE workers. It’s funny the way you worded your comment because when I read it quickly it almost sounded like the protesters are the ones working for the 1% and they make most of the money for sometimes very little work at all. We praise the protesters in America’s past and we praise protesters in other countries fighting for democracy but protesters here are just hippies right?

    How about you go to a protest and ask protesters if they have a job? You may be surprised that they work and protest. They fight for people like us who half the time don’t even support them. Why didn’t you just keep your comment to yourself? You felt like you wanted to tell others about something unjust right? Well sir, you just became a protester. Congratulations on person of the year.

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