Photographer Captures the Adorable Friendship Between an Owl and a Dog

Hoo’s a good boy?

The Internet has been won over by a German Shepherd named Ingo and his best friend, Poldi the owl. Check out this album of magical, golden-hour shots:

For his part, Poldi seems perpetually surprised at whatever’s going on, while Ingo looks a little more on the sleepy side. Neither seems to mind being posed in ridiculous ways, and the duo looks primed for a Disney adaptation.

Captured by German photographer Tanja Brandt, who combines her two loves: photography and animals.

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2 responses to “Photographer Captures the Adorable Friendship Between an Owl and a Dog”

  1. Lois Bryan says:

    An absolute joy!!!! What the world needs now … !!!!! Thanks for the smiles!!!!

  2. Theresa says:

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!

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