Photo Editing Ordinary to Extraordinary

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How much impact can we get from a photo that looked to be destined for the trash bin?

With a couple of well-placed editing techniques, these photos go from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Let’s take a look at some of my favourite before and afters, as you look through these have a think about how many extraordinary images you might have hiding among your old photos.

Example 1.

Fair to say, not too many would complain if I hit the delete key on the below Raw file. Right, it’s a bit of a shocker.

unedited seascape

With just a few contrast adjustments and some selective darkening and lightening, the photo below is now one of my favourites, did you see that transformation coming?

edited seascape

Example 2.

Ok, I agree this one starts out with a little more potential, not much mind you. Still pretty Ordinary!

unedited dockhouse

and after photo editing to bring out the best attributes…

edited dockhouse

Example 3.

No colour, no worries. Sometimes the sky promises so much yet delivers very little. On this occasion, the sky was going off behind me, yet nothing at all in this direction.

unedited sky

Not to worry a couple of minutes in Photoshop and we have a beautiful sunset!

edited sky

How many mind blowing photos are on your hard-drive just waiting to be transformed? Even worse, how many have already been deleted? Let’s not dwell on the past, imagine how many incredible photos we can make in the future!

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