Perspectives on Handling Critics in the Creative Photography Process

The creative process can be stifled when others inject their thoughts and feelings into your work as a photographer. It’s easy to let these factors contribute to your own internal criticism. Brian Bowen Smith has shot photographs of numerous celebrities and has first-hand knowledge of the pressure a photographer faces. In this video, Brian Bowen Smith speaks about his experiences as a celebrity photographer and his philosophy of the creative process for photographers:

When collaborating with others such as stylists and make up artists, they may try to dictate what you do with your photographs. In this case, it may seem more difficult to achieve what you envision, but Brian Bowen Smith suggests that the creative process will flow more smoothly when working with others. Chances are, you will find inspiration through the creativity of those you are collaborating with.

“Don’t be afraid to let others join in on the creativity.”

hilary swank brian bowen smith creative process

In his photos he displays the value of simplicity and allowing subjects to be in their element instead of giving direct instruction.

“When you rely on your subject, it’s a lot easier to become creative because they’re gonna do 50 percent of the work for you.”

He also points out that your vision and creativity is far more important than what others consider appropriate (Via Fstoppers & Petapixel). At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are enjoying what you’re doing. When you are focusing on what you enjoy doing, creativity will flow freely and your photographs will showcase that.

“As long as you’re happy with what you do, nobody can tell you you’re right or wrong.”

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