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Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way toward becoming a social media sensation. A case in point is PaperBoyo (Rich McCor), whose paper cutout combo photos have gained him over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram. This quirky little video from Digital Rev goes behind the scenes with PaperBoyo to see what’s behind the magic of his social media success:

Paper cutout combo photography is a combination of forced perspective photography fused together with art and crafts and what looks like a bit of whimsy. The most detailed part of the process is making the paper cutout. From there on all you have to do is find the right subject, the proper distance away, and have a camera with a zoom lens. The rest is trial and error (and a prayer for good weather and the right lighting).

Instagram Paper Cutout Photograph

The secret to Paperboyo’s Instagram success? Creativity, whimsy, and being willing to “take one notable landmark and some paper, mash it up, and create something new out of it.”

Of course, it helps to live in a town like London where famous landmarks are a dime a dozen. I wonder what would happen if someone only did every day items? The same social media surge? What do you think?

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