Panoramic Photography to the Extremes

Surrealism is often seen as more of a painter’s style than a photographer’s. Randy Scott Slavin turns that concept on its head with his unique, surrealistic style of extreme panoramic photography.

panoramic photo

Spherical Panoramic Image Stitched from Hundreds of Stills

In his project, Alternate Perspective, he shoots hundreds of images of one location in order to stitch them all together in one large 360 degree image.

Randy finds the actual shooting of the images the easiest part; the most difficult part is finding locations that will work for his unique photographs. Such locations include places as diverse as downtown Manhattan, the giant redwood trees of the Big Sur in California, and the Florida Everglades.

One of the most important aspects of his images is the light, and Randy may spend many hours or even days waiting for that perfect moment to shoot.

Take a look at these incredible results:

spherical panoramasurreal panoramic image360 panoramastitched photosextreme perspective photographyrandy slavin panoramabeach panoramic photo

The final images are a strange mixture of the easily identifiable warped into something the mind and the eye finds difficult to comprehend. They create an uneasy tension and yet at the same time are strangely compelling.

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3 responses to “Panoramic Photography to the Extremes”

  1. Great work with the stereographic projections. I also experimented with the Pierce Quincuncial projections:

  2. Chris says:

    Your work is inspiring and something to be admired. I like to consider myself an amateur photographer as it is a creative outlet for me. There’s only so much web design and development that I can muster so it’s nice to get out in the world and see it right in front of me. Although nowhere near in the same realm of photography, my website has a page for my pictures taken at parks in Ohio. Thanks for sharing your shots.

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