Panoramic Fashion Photo Shoot: Creative Ideas

Go behind the scenes of a “never ending” fashion shoot to create a stunning panoramic 3D image. Photographer Amy Lynn,her videographer, and the fashion models describe what it was like to work together to do everything exactly right to make something like this possible. Precise measurements for each model’s positioning and attention to detail is what makes a 3D panoramic like this one possible. It also helps to have models who can hold their exact position for minutes at a time along with photo editing software to seal up the remaining seams flawlessly.

This panoramic was created with a lot of patience and dedication from every person involved in the photo-shoot. The backdrop panels were moved 360 degrees around the room. The tripod was placed in the middle of the room and could not be moved for the entire shoot. The model’s position was measured to stand at an exact equal distance from the camera. The male model had to hold his exact position for minutes at a time while the female model’s outfit was changed before she could move to the other side of him for the next shot.

3D Panoramic Photo Shoot

The Panoramic without the full 3D effect.

Photographer Amy Lynn says,

“I’ve always been a huge fan of panoramic photography. I really like that like now with the web and the internet we can really immerse people into these photos.”

Amy describes the equipment used for the photo-shoot to be a Canon 5D Mark II, two Alien Bees Pro Photo Flash 800’s on either side, and one Alien Bees 1600 with a large Softbox above. Along with a whole lot of photoshop and other digital manipulation.

Post photo-shoot, Amy had to put the photos together into one flat image in Adobe Photoshop, letting the similar edges overlap. Then she used another program to stitch it together into a 3D panoramic image. She says that it is a lot of post work, but worth it. She had to edit filters and implement color correction to make certain that everything matched perfectly and looked exactly the same.

For the complete effect, the full view 3D image can be viewed at

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