Overcoming Social Anxiety as a Street Photographer: 5 Tips

Have you ever felt shy, awkward, self-conscious, or socially insecure when taking photos in public? In street photography, these feelings are actually quite common. However, it’s up to you to overcome your shyness, otherwise this kind of insecurity can adversely affect your concentration and the quality of your work. In this video, photographer Pierre T. Lambert shares 5 secrets to help you stop being shy when taking photos in public:

1. Focus On The Goal

When shooting out in the street, the feeling that everyone around is watching you, and that you are being judged is all in your head. Instead of worrying too much about what others are thinking, focus on your goal. A good way to start is by asking yourself three basic questions.

  • What are you trying to shoot?
  • How are you trying to shoot it?
  • Why are you shooting the photo?

Forget about everything else and concentrate on getting the shot. What others think or do is not important.

2. Quiet the Voice Inside Your Head

You might have a voice inside your head that constantly judges what you do and makes you feel self-conscious. When out on the streets, it is vital that the sound stops. The trick is to simply relax and ignore what the voice is saying. For instance, taking long breaths can be one way to  get in a more relaxed state.

3. Set the Mood

If you feel awkward in a crowded place, isolate yourself and dive into your own world to make it more comfortable for you. What better way to set the mood for yourself than plugging in your earphones and listening to some music? You’ll feel much more comfortable and happy within your own universe, and that creates much more room for your creativity to grow.

“Make sure you play something with high energy and high beats.”

4. Don’t Be a Douche

Respecting other people on the street is important. Just like you expect to be respected by others on the street, don’t forget to respect others too. Having a camera with you doesn’t give you the right to be a creep and take any photo you want.

“Do stuff to people that only you would accept them to do to you in a nice and respectful way.”

It’s also important that you appear inviting. Don’t forget to have a smile in your face. Also, respect local culture, practices, rules, and regulations.

street photography

5. No One Cares About You

You might feel that everyone around has their eyes on you. But that’s just you. In reality, others don’t really care about who you are and what you’re doing. They’re busy with their own life. Furthermore, people nowadays are too busy looking at their phones. So, you’re free to do whatever you like (as long as it is acceptable).

“Don’t worry about other people, and focus on your goal.”

What about you? Do you get that awkward feeling when out taking photos on the street? If you do, definitely try out these awesome tips and see how they’ll help you get over being a timid photographer.

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