Not Improving as a Photographer?

As much as photography is an art form, it’s a skill as well. And like with any other skills, you expect to improve with practice. However, at some point in your photography journey, you may feel stuck. Whether it be a creative block, inferiority complex, or the urge to do better, or anything else. Photographer Saurav Sinha has this video where he talks about five reasons why you’re not improving as a photographer:

You can’t claim yourself to be a veteran photographer just because you sit back and invest most of your time in watching tutorials and going through photography literature. Go out with your camera and practice. Implementing what you have learned is the best way to develop skills. It’s the same with creativity. Being on the field will teach you how to look at the most mundane of subjects in a creative way.

“Doesn’t matter what videos, books, internet articles you read about photography if you don’t go outside and shoot.”

With a good amount of practice, you’ll be able to get the best results with any gear you have. You don’t always need the best gear there is. Instead, work to sharpen your thought process. That’s what’s more important. Analyze what and how you want to capture a scene. And once you’ve taken a shot, analyze your own work. If you like it, make a note of why you like it; what went right. And if you don’t like it, find the gap. Next, work to fill in those gaps. This is what will work as a stepping ladder to take you further.

Most of all, it’s important that you don’t stress about it too much. Patience is key to developing yourself. Be open to critics. Work with other photographers and share and learn from one another. The greatest photographers did not become “great” overnight. Learn skills, practice them, and repeat!

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