Night Street Photography with Fujifilm X-Pro3

Fujifilm made a statement when they released the X-Pro3 back towards the end of 2019. The camera follows on the principles of the legendary rangefinder design which is perfect for street photography. And interestingly enough, the company even designed the camera in a way to discourage the users from using the screen on the back. Photographer Evan Ranft tests out the camera in this video to see if it truly stands by the principles it was designed with. Further, to push the camera to the limits, he decides to try out some night street photography with it. Let’s see how the camera fares:

As for Ranft, he found that the whole idea of “hiding” the screen actually worked for him. This meant that he spent most of the time taking photos and not reviewing the images that he’d taken. If you think about it, the idea is pretty cool. It kind of mimics the old days when you shot with film and couldn’t review the images instantly. This forces you to concentrate more on what’s happening around you.

“It’s a weird psychological thing. The screen being hidden, it makes you not want to look at it.”

How do you like the X-Pro3’s design and performance? Will you be getting one for yourself? Let us know.

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