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Swiss photographer Romina Amato shares some of her insight on being a successful news photographer in a short video interview she had with the energy drink Titan, Red Bull. Amato, who has done extensive work for Red Bull, Rueters, and various Swiss newspapers, primarily covers newsworthy sporting events. Take a look at the following video to see what makes Amato such a successful news photographer:

Since Amato primarily covers sporting events and photography news, her cameras are usually equipped with either a 400mm f/2.8 lens or 70-200mm f2.8. She says that news shots are much different from commercial photography because you have such limited–if any–time to plan out your shot; you’re shooting things as they happen. In general, the post production process is much more stripped down, as well. The only changes Amato makes to her images are some minor level adjustments, cropping, and very occasional sharpening.

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“In news photography I usually shoot in JPEG, for instance you don’t need huge files. You’re not allowed to do any changes so RAW isn’t helping you much.”

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