Newlyweds Tricked by Dishonest Photographer’s Stolen Photos

Wedding photography can be a cut-throat business—there is a lot of competition, it requires a certain level of photography expertise, and it can be hard to get the clientele you need, especially when you’re first starting out. One thing’s for sure, though: stealing another photographer’s images to lure in customers is NOT the way to go to ensure long-term business success. Here’s the story of an LA photographer who did just that:

Even in a city as big and diverse as Los Angeles, the wedding photography circle can be a small world. Once you deliver a sub-standard product, it’s not unlikely that unsatisfied customers will 1) search you out, and 2) let others know. From there, it can be pretty much a downhill trip, and establishing yourself in that location could become more and more challenging.

On the other hand, high-quality work coupled with scrupulous business ethics will eventually become known in your circles, because satisfied customers let others know how they feel about great work.

Shawn and Amrita, the couple featured in the video above, fell victim to one photographer who tried to take a very dishonest shortcut to bring in customers. Dissatisfied with their wedding photos, which did not match the quality advertised, the newlyweds did a little research and found that their photographer had stolen another photographer’s work and was using them on his website. Word spread quickly.


The couple did some research and found the exact same photos on SLR Lounge’s site.

In the end, a photographer who takes the short and dishonest route will find himself farther behind in the long run. What do you think?

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