Lighting Asylum: Take Control of Your Flash

This popular training course is designed to be the ultimate primer on photographic lighting. It’s a topic that many struggle with as proven by the fact that the production was partially funded through a crowdsourcing campaign where photographers from all over contributed money in hope that it would be completed.

There are tens of thousands of serious amateur photographers who have never learned the basics of good lighting and how to use it to produce professional grade photographs.

Think of it as a lighting boot camp on video. It provides valuable information that is not only educational, but entertaining. Designed to not be just another “place your lights here” tutorial. Rather, the instruction provided teaches the aspiring photographer everything necessary to become a great photographer. Many of the techniques presented are new and have never been previously presented.

scenes from lighting asylum

Some Scenes from Lighting Asylum (Click to See More)

The video explains, in easy to understand terms, concepts about lighting that include:

  • What makes light soft?
  • What is a stop of light?
  • What does flash do for your photo …and why master it?
  • What are the five most important pillars of flash photography?
flash photography training

Some Lighting Setups Demonstrated

Those who master these techniques will take pictures that they never thought possible; professional pictures that will truly amaze.

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