Model Photography with 4 Photographers

One beautiful thing about art is how every other artist can have a unique perspective on the same subject. And just like it doesn’t really matter what brush you use to paint, in photography, gear hardly matters. It’s your artistic vision and how you manifest that vision that matters most. In today’s interesting video, we can watch photographer Jessica Kobeissi and three other photographers shoot the same model. This gives an interesting insight into how different artists work, regardless of their equipment.

In the video, you can see how each photographer uses different approach to interact with, direct and pose the model. While some of them are very specific and direct about what they want, others take a slightly different approach. For instance, you can see some photographers giving a scene to the model and asking her to act her out. In the latter case, the model has slightly more control and creative independence.

It’s also interesting to see how they work with light and perspective. While all of them are using natural light, one of the photographers also chooses to modify light using a reflector. This is a clear indication of how different photographers think different not only in terms of the subject, but also in terms of how their subject and light and interacting.

They also differ in their perspectives. While some shoot at eye level, others shoot top-down or even bottom-up. This choice of perspective greatly affects how grand or intimate your subject will appear. So, based on the look you’re going for, it makes a lot of sense to choose your perspective carefully.

Finally, another difference that you can notice is in the way they present their work. Some images look natural, some have a dreamy effect to them and others have a lot of popping colors. In reality, this variance is quite obvious, as not everyone has the same taste in color and style.

One key takeaway here is that you should go out in small groups for photo walks as much as you can. By looking at how each of you work with the same subject or scene, everyone can benefit a lot. Doing so opens up a great window of opportunity to widen your perspective and get more creative.

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