Master Portraits and Action Sports Using Speedlights

Understanding how to properly use and set up speedlights to effectively freeze the action in sports photography or create flattering light for portraits can be complicated. Luckily, photographer, Tyler Stableford, who has mastered the art of speedlights, shares with us his insights and knowledge on the subject in the following presentation:

UsingĀ Canon 600EX-RT Speedlites Stableford captured the speed of the skier that you see in the photo below. He was shooting at 14mm, ISO 100, f /7.1, at 1/250 second on his Canon 1D X.


If you look closely enough, you can see the Speedlites on the lower right side of the image. The light you see behind the skier is actually the sun, which Stableford had the foresight to plan–he pressed the shutter release when the skier was perfectly framed in the sunlight. He notes in the video, however, that this can easily be done using an additional speedlight.

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