Make Your Own Ghostbusters Proton Stream

What classic movie featured three of the top names in 80s comedy, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and lots of green slime? Why Ghostbusters, of course! This month is Ghostbusters’ 30th anniversary, and to help commemorate its re-release in theaters, Joey at Shanks FX created this guide to help you re-create the ghost-gobbling proton streams used in the film:

Joey uses long exposures and light painting to simulate the colorful ghost-fighting light beams. You don’t really need any fancy equipment to do it yourself—just a few flashlights, a camera capable of slow shutter speeds, and a tripod (the $250 Ghostbusters neutrino wand is optional). Once he got his light sources together, Joey hooked up a fishing line and zip-lined the lights, allowing them to swerve and sway as they rolled down the line. As the lights moved, he photographed them with a 4 second exposure at f/22.

After the shoot, Joey combined the stills into one long sequence using Dragon Frame.

Creating the Ghostbusters Proton Stream Effect

Photographing a Proton Stream


Who you gonna call?

The result? A cool lightning effect that will eat up even the most pernicious ghost.

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