New: Sky Compositing Tools in Luminar 4.2 Photo Editor

Luminar 4.2 opens up the doors to creativity with sky-based composite photography tools. With new AI Augmented Sky capabilities, photographers can create unique, one-of-a-kind digital art pieces. It is currently discounted for Easter weekend if you want to check it out. See how it works here: Luminar 4.2 with AI Augmented Sky

augmented sky

Using AI Augmented Sky in Luminar 4.2

Skylum recently announced the latest update for its flagship product, Luminar, version 4.2. This free update for all Luminar 4 users contains important enhancements across the application, plus a brand-new feature — AI Augmented Sky — to help photographers create incredible digital art.

While Luminar remains dedicated to being an award-winning photo editor, it also expands into being a creative powerhouse, allowing artists to express themselves through new, fun and unconventional ways of editing images.

The new AI Augmented Sky tool lets photographers transform their photographs to the new heights, by helping create unique digital art creations. The tool lets photographers place different objects directly on the sky, enabling creatives to make either a realistic landscape or transform it into something straight out of a fairy tale.

NEW AI Augmented Sky

In the Creative tab inside Luminar 4.2, there’s a new AI Augmented Sky tool present. Artists can choose objects from the Luminar database or use their own. Even with photos that have complex backgrounds like trees or buildings, there’s no need to involve masking or layers. Instead, the object seamlessly fits into the photograph, resulting in realistic self-expression.

AI Augmented Sky detects a photo’s sky automatically and adds the chosen element to the sky area. Thanks to content-aware technologies, foreground objects are taken into account automatically, making the object blend naturally with the sky. And if you want more control over the placement, you can easily drag the new element around the sky area.

luminar sky tools

Luminar Sky Compositing Tools

“We’re really excited to see how photographers use the AI Augmented Sky to create digital works of art,” said Dima Sytnyk, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Skylum. “AI Augmented Sky can be used to make everything from subtle tweaks, like moving the moon in the sky, or to totally transform the world around us. The possibilities are endless!”

NEW Enhancements to portrait tools

Utilizing its groundbreaking automatic face detection technology, Luminar 4.2 can now help you restore skin in overly shiny areas as well as more effectively slim faces.

The new architecture of the Face Features Detection Neural Network lets Luminar 4.2 provide even better automation when it comes to enhancing portraits. The technology is trained to detect different faces in all sorts of positions, accounting for things like head tilts, unusual angles, badly lit or partially hidden faces, and even those with heavy makeup. It can detect people of any hue of skin or age, as well as spotting all the faces in a group photo.

In the AI Skin Enhancement tool, you’ll find a new option for Shine Removal Technology. This new option helps you reduce excessive shine on the forehead or cheeks to make for a more pleasing photograph. It works by restoring the skin on the patches of the face where it was hit by excessive light. It automatically generates realistic-looking skin, which blends in with the rest of the face.

skin enhancement

Luminar Skin Enhancement for Portraits

Also in AI Portrait Enhancer is the improved Slim Face 2.0 Technology. Prior to Luminar 4.2, face slimming only worked with the lower portion of a person’s face, sometimes making for unrealistic results. With Slim Face 2.0, the tool can make the whole face proportionally smaller and naturally slim, letting photographers obtain more realistic and pleasing results.

Other improvements to Luminar 4.2

In addition to Augmented Sky and the new enhancements to Luminar’s portrait tools, Luminar 4.2 has various upgrades for several of its tools, as well as some performance updates.

Located “under the hood” of the AI Sky Replacement tool is an improved Relight Scene technology. Prior to Luminar 4.2, AI Sky Replacement in rare cases gave a yellow and unrealistic glow — particularly on crisp, white objects. This improvement solves this problem, letting you retain the colors as you originally captured them in-camera.

Improvements have also been made to ML Cache, which will increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with the machine’s processor.

Windows users also have various other updates specific to the platform, including:

  • Preview Preset Multithreading – For multi-core systems, generating previews has received a boost, making for faster and more comfortable viewing and usage.
  • Third-party Plugin Implementation – Popular plugins can now be used. At this time, plugins for the Aurora HDR, DxO Nik Collection family, as well as the Topaz plugins collection, are supported.

Leading the way in machine learning

With the Luminar 4.2 update, Skylum continues to lead the charge into advanced machine learning capabilities. With the AI Augmented Sky capabilities, photographers can create unique, one-of-a-kind digital art pieces, while the enhancements to the portrait tools can help photographers create more realistic adjustments to their photographs.


Sky Compositing an Aurora in Luminar

How to Get Luminar 4.2:

Luminar 4.2 is a free update to current Luminar 4 users. On a Mac, click in the Top Menu Bar and choose Luminar 4 > Check for updates. If you purchased via the Mac App Store, simply open the App Store and go to the Updates tab. On Windows, in the Top Menu Bar choose Help > Check for updates.

If you are running Luminar as a plugin with Photoshop, Lightroom Classic or Photoshop Elements, it’s also recommended you rerun the plugin installer.

New users can purchase or upgrade to Luminar 4.2 and save $ on the already discounted Easter price using the coupon code, “PICTURECORRECT”.

Deal found here: Luminar 4.2 with AI Augmented Sky

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