Look Inside this Wedding Photographer’s Camera Bag

For professionals, every big camera purchase matters. When doing research for your next big buy, looking at what other professionals have can help inform your own decisions. To that end, in today’s video, we have professional portrait and wedding photographer Julia Trotti taking us through what she carries around in her camera bag:

Besides being a YouTube content creator, Trotti is also a professional fashion and wedding photographer. In the video, you can see the gear she uses for these gigs. Starting from the camera bag itself, she goes on to discuss camera bodies, lenses and accessories.

For wedding photography, she uses two Sony A7III bodies. Using two camera bodies makes sense, as it allows her to use lenses with different coverage without wasting time switching lenses on one body—that’s quite handy in run-and-gun situations. As for lenses, you may think she has far too many. But as she explains in the video, each of them serves a specific purpose—and that’s what’s important. For instance, she like to use the 35mm and the 85mm lenses together as they complement each other during group and portrait sessions. The 50mm is perfect for shooting wedding dresses, rings and shoes. Plus, she has a 135mm to provide her with extra reach during the ceremony.

Being a professional does not mean owning gear for the fun of it. It is about being selective and making smart decisions. What do you have in your camera bag?

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