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Salem Krieger, a photographer who has done work for Forbes, Nike, Merryl Lynch, and others, knows a thing or two when it comes to making the best of what’s available when shooting on location. Krieger has traveled the world doing just that and in the following hour and half long presentation, he will discuss some of those experiences and detail how he was able to create such an impressive portfolio. Take a look:

Things To Do When Shooting On Location

Kriegel shares many tips throughout the course, all designed to help fellow photographers sharpen their ability to think creatively on the spot when shooting on location.

  • Ask your contact person where you should set up before the day of the shoot. Take out all the guesswork to help reduce your stress load.
  • Acquire the proper permits from city officials if you will be shooting in public places.
  • Pay attention to weather reports and always have a backup plan available should an issue inhibit you from shooting.
  • Arrive at the location with a concept and build from it once you see what you are working with. For example, in the photos below, Krieger’s research taught him that his client–the NFL–had just released a new iPad app. Seeing the desk at NFL headquarters gave him a vision which he tested out with his assistant first:
product photography

Sample shots will help you plan how you want your final image to turn out.

The sample shot, above, helped him visualize how he wanted to photograph the client for the final image, below.

corporate photography

Working off the sample above, the photographer was able to create the perfect image for his client.

“Photography is a great way to visualize your thoughts while being in the moment and being engaged in the world around you.”

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