Lightroom Mastery for Portraits

Would you like to create absolutely beautiful edits of people and portraits in seconds instead of hours? This brand new online video course from professional photographer Mike Newton will teach you all the Lightroom secrets the pro’s use to retouch portraits and turn average shots into stunning creations. Found here: Lightroom Mastery for Portraits

lightroom mastery for portraits

New: Lightroom Mastery for Portraits

Editing photos of people and portraits is very different from editing other types of images. It can be tricky, but if you know the right tips and techniques you can turn average images into magazine-cover worthy shots.

You’ll learn how to:

  • The Adjustment Brush: one of our most powerful tools when editing people and portraits;
  • Creating Brush Presets: how to create your own custom brush presets for future use;
  • Importing Custom Brushes: import custom brush presets from the internet;
  • Balancing Exposure using Brushes: balance over/underexposed parts of an image;
  • Radial Filters for Vignettes: create beautiful vignettes around your subjects;
  • Radial Filters for Creative Editing: quicker and easier than the adjustment brush for doing creative local editing on an image;
  • Black and White Points: what the black and white points are and how to find them;
  • Crop Tool – Snapshots: improving casual snapshots through cropping;
  • Crop Tool – Creative images: how the crop tool can really improve our creative portraits;
  • Editing Iris’s: how to dramatically bring the iris’ to life;
  • Editing Eye Whites and Veins: Making eyes ‘pop’ in your photos;
  • Balancing exposure in eyes: how to balance eye color when one is darker than the other;
  • Fixing Highlights/hotspots: fix shiny spots on peoples’ faces;
  • Wrinkles bags blemishes: the most dramatic improvements you can make to a person’s photograph;
  • Skin Smoothing: smoothing out the texture of the skin;
  • Editing Lips, Eyebrows and Whitening Teeth: the full virtual makeover;
  • PLUS: see Mike put these all-together in his top-to-bottom edits.
lightroom mastery portraits

Some of the many tutorials from Lightroom Mastery Portraits

About the producer:
Mike Newton is a commercial photographer and has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Bayer and Metlife, technology companies like Uber, and clothing brands like Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

How to Start the Course:

You’ll have access to all the training modules forever as well as the ability to download the videos so you can consume the content however and whenever you like.

Found here: Lightroom Mastery for Portraits

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