How to Improve Your Night Photography with Light Painting

Historically, night shooting has fascinated, yet intimidated photographers. Thereʼs always been a perception that itʼs a difficult discipline to master, requiring state-of- the-art equipment and years of dedication. But in the digital era, this couldnʼt be further from the truth: all you really need is a DSLR, tripod, remote shutter release and the desire to do it. Add light painting to the equation and the potential becomes unlimited. There is an eBook that covers these concepts, try the voucher code picturecorrect at checkout. Found here: Light Painted Night Photography

light painted night photography

Light Painted Night Photography Guide

Author Troy Paiva has been creating light painted night photography in abandoned locations and junkyards since 1989. Over the last twelve years his photo projects have gone viral repeatedly, spawning millions of viewers.

He has finally written this “How To” book. It explains in full detail his easy to learn techniques for creating elaborate studio-style lighting effects with a few simple flashlights and a single, pocket-sized strobe. The book demystifies LP/NP, so even a novice can create amazing images.

All the secrets of his working process, never revealed before; from light settings and gel types, to white-balance methodology and post-production techniques are revealed. Each of the 44 images gets the full treatment; not only full explanations of his lighting and exposure methodology, but also anecdotes on compositional strategy, waiting for the decisive moment and making the best of difficult working situations.

  • A great resource guide for getting started with the art and science of light painting and full moon-based night photography.
  • Written by a photographer with over 20 years of experience on the leading edge of this complex and specialized type of work.
  • 81 pages with in-depth explanations of techniques
  • In-depth analysis of 44 zoomable images.
  • Loaded with tips and tricks for accessing locations, working by moonlight vs. total darkness, manually focusing in the dark, time-exposure portraits, post-production techniques and many other subjects.
pages from light painted

Pages from Light Painted Night Photography

“I really can see this becoming a must read for all photography students, even those not doing night photography–as there is a lot of sound knowledge that can transfer across a number of disciplines. Reallly good.” –Ian Shipley

How to Get a Copy:

Our readers can use the voucher code PICTURECORRECT at checkout for a discount. The guide comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablet computers (works great as a mobile reference out in the field).

It can be found here: Light Painted Night Photography Guide

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    Iam intrested.but iam not a phtography student.will this be usefull for me?

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