Lens Hoods: How to Make Your Own Tutorial

A lens hood is a simple tool that does some important work. Its primary purpose is to block direct light from striking the front element of the lens. This reduces unwanted flares and ghosting, thereby boosting contrast. It also helps in protecting the front element of the lens. In this video, COOPH presents a hack to make your own DIY lens hood using a bottle and black paint:

Here’s what you will¬† need to make your own DIY lens hood:

  • a soda bottle
  • a knife
  • black spray paint
  • rubber gloves

Start by cutting off the neck and base of the soda bottle carefully with the knife, leaving just the cylindrical portion. Then, clean it using a soft, dry towel.

Move to a well-ventilated area and paint the plastic bottle black. Wear rubber gloves for your safety.

Once done, leave the painted bottle to dry.

how to make your own lens hood

When it comes to using the lens hood, pop it over the lens so as to block off any direct light. You will instantly notice a difference in contrast.

glare without lens hood

lens hood higher contrast

While this is not a long-term or convenient solution, it still works!

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