Learn These Shots to Land a Paid Photography Job

If you look at the advertising market, photographers are in demand these days. Thanks to the constant need to remain updated in the world of social media, brands constantly need content for their products. So if you play it smart, landing a paid photography job is not too difficult. You just need to pay attention to a few things. Today, we have photographer Evan Ranft sharing an overview of five types of product photos you can shoot to land a paid photoshoot with potential clients.

When you shoot for a brand, there are some important things you must pay attention to. While the presentation of the product needs to be flattering and eye-catching, attention to detail is a must. There is no room for sloppy work in the world of branding. Also, just photographing the product will not cut it. It’s essential that you craft a story and show the product in use.

In the video, Ranft demonstrates five different ways you can photograph products that cover all of these requirements and more. The techniques he shows not only showcases the products but also makes the potential buyer see themselves using the product. And if the brand is looking to launch a new product line, the macro technique that he explains is just perfect.

Besides the photography techniques, he also shares some bonus tips toward the end of the video. If you’re really looking forward to making money with your photography, this can be a great starting point. Be sure to watch the complete video and we’re sure it’ll help you out a lot.

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