Landscape Photographer Shares Tips for Perfect Exposures

When starting your photography journey, figuring out the correct exposure for every shot can be a challenge. You will probably end up with photographs that are either too bright or too dark. However, your camera has a couple of functions that can assist you in figuring out exposure. In today’s video, landscape photographer Mads Peter Iversen talks about how he uses auto-exposure bracket and zebra stripes, and offers many more tips that will help you to get perfect exposures every time.

If you spend some time understanding your camera, you will quickly realize that there are quite a number of ways that help you keep an eye on the exposure. However, be careful: not all features are that useful. For instance, Iversen suggests that you turn off the Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO) feature also known as “Auto HDR”. Features like these do not give a true representation of the final image. Also, be careful of how you have set your LCD screen—the preview may be either brighter or darker than the actual image.

He also discusses an exposure technique that is popular with many professional photographers—exposing to the right. If you are not aware of this technique, be sure to pay attention to this. You will surely benefit from this as the technique lets you achieve clean images.

He also describes how you can use the histogram and the zebra-stripe feature in the camera to keep tabs on the highlights. Once you clip the highlights, recovering data form those regions is not possible. It is therefore essential that you pay attention to those areas.

If you are really having trouble getting the perfect exposure, we highly recommend that you go through the video. The tips in this video will surely help you out.

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