Landscape Photographer Shares Key Tips from his Progression

The good thing about photography is that the more you do it, the more you get better at it. It’s just like any other skill. But with that said, you definitely need to make an active effort to advance in photography. You can’t expect to improve automatically. A good way to get insight into how you’ve improved (or not) is by looking at your past work. Landscape photographer Nigel Danson takes a dive into his past work and shares some tips that’ll help you improve your photography:

Looking back at his old photos, the first thing that Danson notices is how his images were cluttered. Such images tend to be distracting and don’t convey any message to the viewer. So, start by simplifying your composition. Once you compose your shot, see what you can leave out. This way, you’ll just have those things that really matter. Using a longer lens is one of many ways to help you compose simple images. It limits your field of view and forces you to include only the important elements.

If capturing a grand vista is what you plan to do, see how well you can unite the foreground, mid-ground, and background. Don’t just consider the scene as a single block. Break it down further into smaller elements and connect the dots to tell a visual story.

And always remember, you don’t get extraordinary shots just by showing up to a location and popping your camera out. Always plan what kind of photograph you want to capture and how you can capture it. The time of year, the lighting, and the weather conditions also have a big influence on your photos. Decide what you want to get, and work for it.

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