Landscape Photographer Shares His Income Sources

Who wouldn’t love to make a good income while following their passion? It’s something that everyone dreams of. When it comes to photography, many try and follow their dream, but only a few truly succeed. And it’s even more challenging when it comes to making a living with landscape photography. So, how do you go about it? To help we have professional landscape photographer Mark Denney. He talks about some of the pitfalls you may face in the process and also shares some tips to help you make some money with landscape photography:

You’ll be surprised to see that photography and print sales actually make a very small portion of Denney’s income source. In fact, as he shares, he spends more of his time in front of his computer than he does behind his camera. And that’s because the market for landscape photography is more experiential. That is to say that more people want to learn how to become better at landscape photography. And only a small fraction of the market is interested in buying prints.

This is why you may notice that Denney has diversified his portfolio so he can have various sources of income. He makes most of his money from his YouTube videos where he shares his knowledge and experiences on landscape photography. Then there are other sources like sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and workshops, among others. Print sales are actually his smallest source of income.

However, as he rightly points out, you shouldn’t fixate on only making money in this industry. It’s just very impractical. Instead, try to strengthen your value in the photography community. Make an active effort to help others when you can and gradually you’ll notice that others will reciprocate, which will help you in developing a genuine audience that looks up to you.

Are you thinking of making money with landscape photography? Be sure to consider Denney’s suggestions. They’re sure to help you when starting out.

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