Jaleel King: An Unstoppable Photographer

The photography world can be inspiring at times, especially when you come across a story like Jaleel King‘s. As an 8-year-old boy, King was shot in his back by a neighbor, a traumatic experience that would put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Not slowed down by his injuries, King has persevered to become an accomplished photographer and inventor of art that is admired by many. You can learn more about King’s journey in the mini-documentary shown below:

As you can see, King has an eye for photography. He’s constantly on the lookout for photoworthy inspiration.

street photographycandid photography

“There are still barriers that I face, but I think it makes me a better photographer in the long run. When I have to face situations the make me think and challenge me as a photographer, not being able to do things that are easy for other photographers. It gives me a different way of looking at situations. I’m someone who doesn’t keep their head down for long. That’s who Jaleel is.”

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