iPhone Photojournalism

iPhoneography isn’t only for quick snapshots of your lunch and your pets. Many professional photographers are now using the mobile device as a secondary–sometimes primary–camera. Smartphones are easy to use, are generally always with us, and they make sharing the photos instantaneous–there’s no wonder so many pros and amateurs alike are embracing the technology.

Watch as Ben Lowy documents how his iPhone allowed him to capture shots for some of the world’s most well-known news outlets:

Ben has covered multiple wars, natural disasters, and a slew of other newsworthy events throughout his career. He was at the forefront of it all when the rise of cell phone photography started. Check out some of the incredible images he was able to create just shooting from the hip with his iPhone:


While not everyone agrees on the usefulness of an iPhone when it comes to professional photography, Lowy has his own feelings on the matter. He believes the affordable devices make photography more accessible compared to the more expensive DSLRs that are commonly used in photojournalism.

“One of the good things about social media is you get to choose who you want to listen to.”

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One response to “iPhone Photojournalism”

  1. Pan Jurek says:

    Lets not forget that not everybody has an iphone. Some of us like Droidography. I never had an iphone. I always used Droid. Maybe this article could be named Cellphoneography.

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