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There is no doubt that the iPhone revolutionized mobile phones but in a less but still significant way it is also revolutionizing photography, mainly thanks to the very good image quality of the iPhone 4S compared to other brands.

In this CNET TV video, we learn four useful tips that can help you get better photos from your iPhone:

  1. Introduced recently in IOS is the ability to use the volume button to take a picture, but one overlooked feature is that you can also use the volume switch on the your iPhone headphones to trigger the camera. As the presenter says this is a great way to get a remote control although I would take issue with her statement that “you get super steady shots”, removing one hand from the camera is more likely to introduce shake.
  2. As many of you may know, you can set focus and exposure for a specific part on the image by touching that part of the screen. However if you move the camera you loose the settings. If you tap and hold until the blue box pulsates, you will lock the exposure and focus allowing you to recompose the image. You can verify the lock at the bottom of the screen, where you should see an AE/AF Lock message.
  3. By tapping the options button, you can turn on a grid overlay on the screen. This grid is conveniently set to split the screen into thirds, helping you to improve your composition.
  4. If you want a quick and dirty way to crop an image, open the image from your camera roll, then pinch to zoom , to crop into the shot. Now if you hold the Home button and tap the lock button you will take a screenshot which will automatically be saved to your camera roll. Obviously any cropping you make will reduce the resolution of the image.
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iPhone Shutter Activation Using Headphones

So there it is, four quick and simple iPhone photography tips that hopefully will improve the way you take images on your iPhone.

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