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If you’re familiar with the world of “iPhoneography” you are also probably familiar with the name Dan Burkholder. He is known around the industry as an iPhone artistry expert having taught seminars around the world and has even authored a book on the subject. Luckily for us, one of his seminars is now available to watch online for free. At an hour and 45 minutes long, the seminar is a bit on the lengthy side so you may want to be sure you have some spare time before you sit down to watch it, as it does become rather engaging. During the seminar, Burkholder covers a broad range of information such as shooting tips, available accessories, and, of course, examinations of some of his favorite apps. Take a look:

  • Hold your iPhone steadily, with both hands at eye level. When taking panoramic shots, hold your phone in it’s landscape orientation and pretend it’s is fixed to a tripod so you’re less tempted to move the entire phone. Instead, just pivot your device by moving the end with the home button and use the lens end as a pivot point.
  • Apps! The Apple Store is jam packed with nifty apps for photography enthusiasts, don’t be afraid to collect them! Burkholder has used and is familiar with over 600 photography apps. While he doesn’t use all of those apps on a regular basis, he says it’s important to try out new apps to find the ones that work best for your specific shooting style. Many of the apps are free or cost less than a dollar.

“For 99 cents, if you buy an app and get 20 minutes of fun out of it, it’s still cheaper than going to see a movie!”

  •  Burkholder is a big fan of the EyeFi memory cards which has built in wireless capabilities that send pictures you’ve taken on your digital camera straight to your iPad or iPhone for editing. There’s a growing assortment of accessories available for iPads and iPhones available, including some really cool lenses and a variety of tripods.

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Hopefully after watching Burkholders seminar, you’re ready to branch out from Instagram and unleash your inner iPhone artist.

For further training on iPhoneography:

Consider this new eBook designed to help readers effectively use the raw simplicity of shooting with your mobile phone, embrace its limitations, and turn them into your own creative freedom and voice. Includes information on the best photo apps and more. It is on sale for a few more hours with the details here: eyePhone: Making stronger photographs with your camera phone

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    Another free app that is useful is bits which allows you to add filters, frames, text and drawings to photos. Once you are done, you can easily share them via social media or email.

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