New: iPhone Photo Editing Academy at 85% Off

For those of you working on photo editing, you might want to check out this course while it is on sale this weekend. iPhone Editing Academy is an online course that reveals how to use photo editing apps to make ordinary photos look spectacular. It’s designed for both iPhone and iPad. Found here: iPhone Editing Academy at 85% Off

iphone editing academy

iPhone Editing Academy (see what’s inside)

Here’s just a small sample of the things you’ll discover:

  • 7 simple sliders that will improve any photo you’ve ever taken (I call these sliders the backbone of photo editing because all my edits go through this quick process)
  • A favorite editing workflow for creating tack sharp, crystal clear photos every time
  • The hidden power of histogram (and how to interpret this simple graph to guide the editing process so you can avoid over-editing or under-editing your photos)
  • The worst photo editing mistakes (any one of these mistakes will ruin your photos)
  • The perspective secrets behind the best architecture photos (and how to create flawless geometry in your own iPhone photos – even if they were taken from the wrong angle)
  • How to “uncrop” your photos to expand them outside the frame of the original image
  • Step-by-step workflows for creating stunning landscape, portrait, architecture, sunset and black & white photos (this is how I edit my best photos with thousands of likes)
  • The Selective Adjust tool: how to apply your edits to only one color of the image
  • Simple technique to blur the background in portraits (and how you can make any person appear 10 years younger while still maintaining the natural look of their skin)
  • How to quickly pick the best techniques and style for editing each of your photos
  • Everything you need to know about masking (this advanced technique will forever change your photography as you’ll be able to apply any edits to specific areas only)
  • How to remove unwanted objects from your photos (it’s easier than you think)

And best of all, this course will also help you bring new life to your old photos.

How to Get the Course at a Discount:

iPhone Editing Academy is currently 85% off which ends soon. Plus they are including 3 other bonus products with the offer. It also comes with a 30 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Deal found here: iPhone Editing Academy at 85% Off

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